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Interview: Local songwriting duo recognized by Nashville Universe

Updated: Apr 18, 2019


Future sounds good for

Neil & Adam Author: Heidi Glaus

At Smith Lee Productions in a sound proof room away from the street noise is a more enjoyable sound. A melody Neil McCloskey and Adam Hilligardt have been working on for awhile.

It's not a new scenario, they've been writing songs together since high school.

"We met in a foreign language class and I heard him talking about music and I just kind of tapped him on the shoulder," McCloskey explains.

"I kind of felt this on my back," Hilligardt adds.

"And I was like hey man you play guitar, want to play guitar. He might have been a little weirded out by that," McCloskey says.

If so, he got over it quickly.

"I think we walked to each others house over the course of the years probably 2 or 3,000 times," Hilligardt says.

Over the last two decades they've written hundreds of songs and recently got a little recognition from Nashville Universe.

"So we were nominated for duo of the year through Nashville Universe which was a crazy surprise for us. It's a pretty awesome platform for new music down in Nashville," Hilligardt explains.

Our passion is the song. We didn't really set out to be the best musicians we just wanted to write the best song. So that was always our focus," adds McCloskey.

Songs seem to have come easier than a name for the duo.

"It was always hard for us to come up with a name," McCloskey says.

They ended up with Neil and Adam.

"A lot of times when people say Adam, Eve follows...Adam and Eve so we went with Neil and Adam."

And although they've had a couple of songs do pretty well.

"Bongo Boy Records picked up 'Everything is Alright' for a release, LMC Records in the UK picked up our song 'Walk Away, Hilligardt says.

The best is hopefully yet to come maybe with their newest song.

"We're actually going to New York in a couple of days to finish that one up."

So the final verse for this duo is still in the works, but the future for Neil and Adam sounds pretty good.

You can hear more from Neil and Adam on Facebook and Twitter.

Link: https://www.ksdk.com/amp/article?section=entertainment&subsection=television&topic=show-me-st-louis&headline=local-songwriting-duo-recognized-by-nashville-universe&contentId=63-544825367&fbclid=IwAR2oghgnBzYek78TpRdU2x-pM0u76NCRjK7kcJy5Erjkiyyxm-H9QDt1k_8


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